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All our honey is 100% AUSTRALIAN and is PURE, RAW AND UNHEATED by local beekeepers.

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Native Australian Bees

Are you interested in Australian Native Beekeeping? Signup to our newsletter to receive information about our workshops, or pop into our store and we'll happily offer advice about hive maintenance and construction. 


We love Manuka! Manuka heals cuts, wounds, minor burns and abrasions as well as assisting to control fungal infections, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and inflammation. It stimulates tissue regeneration and reduces scarring.  Come in and give it a try 🐝

Organic Honey Products

We stock a range of honey and honey related products supplied by Australian beekeepers. It's not about the honey, we care about our bees and do everything to protect them. Come in and chat to an experienced beekeeper to learn how you can help!


Did you know?

It takes 12 bees to make only one teaspoon of honey and 500 honey bees four weeks to make one kilogram of honey.


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